Seeing double



El Paso County Sheriff Maketa apparently thinks the photo taken at county expense is pretty snazzy, so he's adopted it for his campaign website.

This is Maketas campaign picture.
  • This is Maketa's campaign picture.

This is Maketas county website picture.
  • This is Maketa's county website picture.

This raises questions about whether Maketa is unfairly, and illegally, using county assets for his campaign.

The answer is: No, according to Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Lt. Lari Sevene.

"Any of the photos on the El Paso County websites are public record as they are not protected," she writes in an e-mail. "Anyone may 'right click' and copy any of the photos and re-use them freely."

"According to the Secretary of State," Sevene continues, "the mere presence of a photograph on a public website would not make the transfer of that photograph to a campaign website a 'campaign contribution' under the law and therefore not a misuse of county resources."

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