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If you missed last night’s taping of National Public Radio’s Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me at the Pikes Peak Center, don’t fret. The news quiz show — with host Peter Sagal, scorekeeper Carl Kasell and panelists Tom Bodett, Faith Salie and Paul Provenza — will play at 11 a.m. this Saturday on KRCC-FM 91.5. (Read the Indy's recent story on Wait Wait here.)

Unfortunately you won’t get to hear everything that happened at this full-house event; the show records for almost two hours (with a Q&A following) and is cut down to fit the 45 minute-or-so radio slot. So just to make you feel more like you were there … here’s a list of the Top Five quotes you missed — all of which are highly unlikely to run on Saturday’s show:

1) Sagal: In his pre-taping opening, after a crack about the city turning off streetlights in Colorado Springs: “You’re the lab rats in conservative governance.”

2) Sagal: “We got all the liberals in Colorado Springs in one room …” Provenza: “You really shouldn’t all be in the same room.”

2) Provenza: “I’ve been on Craigslist all day looking for Ted Haggard. Did he move or something?”

3) Provenza to guest celebrity Lt. Gen. Michael Gould, superintendent of the Air Force Academy (who at one point broke out with a rendition of Elvis’ “G.I. Blues”): “Does being on this show compromise your authority?” Gould: “It compromises my integrity.”

4) After more Haggard (and anti-gay activist George Rekers) jokes, Bodett: “I wonder if they’re going to have to run this on XM Radio?”

5) And finally, during the Q&A, an audience member stood up and asked Sagal, “Have you joined the medical registry yet?” Sagal had to have the question repeated after which he answered, “Ohhhh. Now that you mention it, I do have glaucoma.”

And just because it's Friday, here's Elvis, doing the original "G.I. Blues":

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