Weather forecast or WTF?


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I originally tried posting this under “Weather,” but my editor suggested that if we had to post it, it would be more appropriate under “WTF?” So fine, he didn’t get it — but then, he hasn’t lived in the Springs as long as some of us have.

I happen to know there are Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman TV fans still out there reminiscing about the series known for its “anachronistic historical inaccuracy as well as politically correct emotional sterility.” So, this one’s for you. It's guaranteed to get you all misty-eyed for the olden days and will probably set you to a-wonderin’ when our folksy little cowtown will get another chance to be the setting for a softcore porn series about a lady doctor and a mountain man.

By the way: Around the 1:25 mark, it becomes clear the Gazette has scooped us on the story.


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