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Rebecca Tillett, a photographer and an Indy graphic designer, has a show at the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome opening this week.

Tillett's show, I was almost late to work this morning because I was in bed dreaming about how I was late to work, runs May 8 through June 3 and features her distinct erotic photographs, including these:

  • Rebecca Tillett

  • Rebecca Tillett

  • Rebecca Tillett

Tillett has shown locally at HeeBee JeeBees and the Colorado State Fair. She's exhibited at the Detroit Dirty Show, the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and the Las Vegas Museum of Sex and Erotic Art. This isn't Tillett's first show overseas, either; she's exhibited in both the U.K. and Bondeno, Italy.

Her work is also featured in the book The New Erotic Photography from Taschen Publishing, as well as in art magazines. (Many of her slightly less-erotic photographs have graced pages of the Indy as well.)

For more on the show (if you can read Italian), go here. For more on Tillett's work, visit

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