Good Charlotte + OK coffee = happy children




We're not entirely sure what a Venn diagram of Good Charlotte fans, 7-Eleven customers and Indy blog readers would look like, but there’s good news for any of you who actually fall into all three categories.

Joel Madden (lead singer of Good Charlotte) and his wife Nicole Richie (daughter of Lionel Richie and former sidekick to Paris Hilton) are kicking off a designer “Coffee Cup With a Cause” campaign for the venerable retail chain.

Yes, now you can feel a kinship with your favorite pop icons while drinking hot, steamy convenience store beverages. And, depending on the number of cups sold, the chain will then donate a potential $300,000 to the designated charity, with a guaranteed minimum donation of at least a quarter million dollars.

Since the proceeds from this inaugural cup will go to the couple’s worthy Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation, we can’t make fun of the whole thing as much as we might like to. And besides, that whimsical design — all butterflies, flowers and CSI-style chalk outlines of little kids — makes our hearts as warm as that oily black substance at the bottom of a scalded 7-Eleven coffee pot.

Drink, up kids!


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