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Aquaponics: Using fish to make gardens grow.
  • Aquaponics: Using fish to make gardens grow.

While writing the April 22 issue's cover story on aquaponics gardener Alligator Joe, I interviewed Sylvia Bernstein, a Denver-based guru of the innovative gardening technique.

Sylvia teaches classes in the Denver area, but she had never taught in the Springs, because, she confessed, she didn't know anyone in the Springs gardening community.

Well, I told her, why not start with Larry Stebbins, the leader of Pikes Peak Urban Gardens. While Larry is more into soil-based agriculture, I figured he might be up for learning something new. And hey, if Larry wasn't interested, I thought he'd probably be able to direct Sylvia to others who would be.

Apparently, I underestimated the passion and um, commitment, professional gardeners have to their preferred form of agriculture. As Sylvia reported back to me, Larry definitely wasn't interested in aquaponics.

Sylvia recorded the entire exchange in a rather funny blog post here:

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