Supersize him: Bobby Brown comes to a men’s room near you



Advertisements in public restrooms, at least of the men's variety, are generally one step removed from bathroom graffiti. But we think this ad for local bail bondsman Bobby Brown rises above the rest.

With walkie talkie in left hand, cell phone in right, pager on belt, and unidentified object sticking out of front pocket, Brown is clearly wielding enough communication devices to mobilize a small war.

But what's really impressive is the fact that Brown is at least five times taller than the Colorado Springs cityscape he’s trudging through. It's as if a silver-haired, deeply tanned Godzilla had gotten hopelessly lost on his way to Tokyo.

Dunno about you, but whenever we need to get bailed out of jail, those are the qualities we look for in a short-term, high-interest lender!

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