Cracked up



Good thing Colorado Springs Utilities' reservoirs are full after a boulder the size of a small car smashed into the city's Homestake water system pipeline near Buena Vista over the weekend.

Utilities says in a press release the pipe, buried five feet underground, was cracked by the boulder's impact, putting the line that delivers 70 percent of the city's water out of service for repairs for two weeks.

Workers repair the mountain pipeline.
  • Workers repair the mountain pipeline.

The entire circumference of the pipe was broken, according to Bruce McCormick, chief water services officer for Utilities.

“We are fortunate that this occurred at a wet time of year, when our reservoirs are at high levels. Therefore, we don't foresee any impacts to water supply for our customers,” McCormick states in the press release.

He took the opportunity to underscrore the importance of the Southern Delivery System, a pipeline to be built from Pueblo Reservoir which Utilities officials say will provide redundancy in just such an emergency situation, not to mention supplying water to allow the city to add more residential users.

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