New marijuana law clears House




Colorado's House of Representatives passed House Bill 1284 on Tuesday in a voice vote, moving one step closer to paving the way for allowing local governments to ban dispensaries outright, as well as creating more stringent rules for ownership and location.

A story in the Durango Herald has these details:

... Local governments could forbid marijuana dispensaries by a vote of a city council, county commission or local voters. People with past drug-related convictions would be banned for life from running a medical marijuana store. And marijuana edibles could not be consumed inside a dispensary.

Though Rep. Sal Pace, D-Pueblo, as quoted in the Herald's piece, makes a good point regarding on-site consumption of edibles — “What if someone's using a bus? What if someone's walking? What if someone lives in federal housing and they can't use their medical marijuana? Where are they supposed to do it?" — in response to fears of stoned driving, the more obvious comparison seems to be the ubiquitous neighborhood bar and its acknowledged, and legislated, dangers. Curiously, it seems medical marijuana is being evaluated and debated as though no prior experience with consumption of (more) intoxicating substances exists.

Reaction has been mixed, according to The Huffington Post:

... Marijuana advocacy groups like the Cannabis Therapy Institute [are] calling it 'a monstrosity,' [while] others like Sensible Colorado [are] calling the legislation a step 'in the right direction.'

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