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Oh yes, we're talking about the Colorado Gators Reptile Park near Mosca. The park is home to about 350 alligators, a reptile rescue (for "overgrown pets" such as pythons, tortoises and monitor lizards), a fish farm and two tropical greenhouses.

And what better way to spend an upcoming Saturday than learning about gators, including the star of the show: Mr. Bo Mangles, a rare albino alligator? 'Cause this Saturday admission to the park is free. (Tickets normally run $7.50 to $15.)

See? Its fun for everyone!
  • Colorado Gators
  • See? It's fun for everyone!

For more on Bo, visit here and keep the thought below in mind, provided by the Colorado Gators press release:

The albino gator has red eyes and legend holds good fortune for those who look into them.

I rest my case.

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