You know the werewolf trend is big when ...



... it hits Cripple Creek. It might also mean the trend is over. (Cue a collective sigh of relief.)

Anyway, for all you fans of the morbid and supernatural, here's a local take on werewolves courtesy of the Thin Air Theatre Company. Coming in October to the Butte Opera House: Werewolves of Poverty Gulch.

The scarier part: theres a place called Poverty Gulch.
  • The scarier part: there's a place called Poverty Gulch.

This original melodrama with a Halloween olio (that's a talent-show type thing with comedy skits and music — Webster's says it's a hodgepodge) goes like this:

Set in turn-of-the-century Cripple Creek, this all-new Melodrama tells the story of a timid physician who must summon the courage to finally become a hero. Set against the political turmoil of Gold Rush Colorado, Cripple Creek is being torn apart by a group of villainous highwaymen. As the good doctor and a local barman close in on the case, an even greater mystery appears; the doctor finds himself treating more and more patients who were victims of vicious wolf attacks. Are the two cases somehow mysteriously entwined? Have the outlaws struck again, or is it something much more sinister? With a tragic love story, songs, dance, murder and mayhem, The Werewolves of Poverty Gulch is a Halloween treat for the entire family written by Chris Sorensen.

Sorensen, by the way, also penned A Cripple Creek Christmas Carol, Dr. Jekyll's Medicine Show and Angel of the Christmas Mine.

With a 2010 theater schedule that includes the Angel again this winter and You're a Good Man Charlie Brown opening in June, I gotta say I'm kinda excited about this werewolf jaunt. I mean, seriously, werewolves and Cripple Creek? It may just be genius.

Though I might suggest the theater dig into something a little more historical, and recreate the story of the poor sap whose scrap of skull has been resting in the Teller County Courthouse since his murder in 1901. Until then though, I predict we'll all be sporting "Team Poverty Gulch" T-shirts.

I digress. For more information, visit

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