Um, goodbye, Lt. Whitlock



The message arrived this morning:

Effective today, Sgt. Steve Noblitt will assume the duties as the PIO [spokesperson] for the Colorado Springs Police Department. He can be contacted at [blah, blah, blah, sorry but they don't want us handing these numbers out].

Lt. David Whitlock
Public Affairs Section
Colorado Springs Police Department

That was it. No long message detailing the accomplishments of Lt. Whitlock. No canned lines like "Lt. Whitlock will be retiring and will be sorely missed." No description of Sgt. Noblitt's accomplishments, or a few sentences describing why he was picked to replace Whitlock. Not even anything mentioning the fact that Noblitt would remain a sergeant, instead of being promoted to a lieutenant, as his predecessors were.

In fact, I actually had to call Sgt. Noblitt just to confirm that everything was OK over there and that Whitlock wasn't simply canned. (Noblitt confirmed that Whitlock had retired.)

Ah, so anyway, the new police spokesperson is Sgt. Noblitt. You'll likely be hearing a lot from him from now on — on TV and radio news and in newspapers.

Not to make too big of a deal out of it.

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