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Williams ... bowing out.
  • Williams ... bowing out.

David Williams, the UCCS students who ran for the El Paso County Commission District 5 seat, is bowing out after receiving 24 percent of the delegates at the GOP county assembly on Saturday. Late today, he issued this statement, throwing his support to Peggy Littleton, who took 74 percent of the delegate votes.

Fellow Republicans,

I am really grateful for the overwhelming show of support that many of you gave during the course of this campaign. I really feel that my candidacy and what it represented made an impact for the future of our party.

After much discussion with family, close friends and supporters I have decided to withdraw my candidacy and endorse Peggy Littleton for County Commissioner District 5. Peggy and I may have had a few differences, but I feel at this point Peggy is best equipped to take on Mike Merrifield. I realize that many may be disappointed with my decision. However, what the El Paso County Republican Party needs right now is unity. I want thank everyone for encouraging me to continue, but we must do everything we can to ensure that this seat remains republican.

Additionally, I have spoken with Peggy and I am confident that she will be committed to fiscal responsibility and limited government. Peggy has a good record in maintaining our conservative values and I believe she will continue that good record as a county commissioner.

Thank you once again for the support and commitment that all of you have shown. I encourage all my supporters to get behind Peggy and help ensure victory for our party this November.

David Williams

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