Girl left out of prom for being a lesbian


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Constance McMillen
  • Constance McMillen
A Mississippi high school has sunk to a new low to keep a lesbian student from attending her senior prom with her girlfriend.

First, the high school canceled its prom, all so Constance McMillen couldn't go. That decision was challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union, and a federal judge ruled that the school had violated Constance's First Amendment Rights. The school agreed to let Constance and her partner go to a private prom.

But then, in a twist of deceit, the school organized parents to put on a different prom which Constance wasn't invited to. Constance ended up attending a private prom that was nothing more than a decoy.

It's hard to believe that adults would engage in such behavior all to deny a teenager the right to attend her prom. In response the ACLU is asking concerned citizens to sign a petition asking Congress to support a Student Nondiscrimination Act.

You can sign up here:


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