World officially ended: Scrabble changed


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You gotta fight for your right to Scrabble.
  • You gotta fight for your right to Scrabble.

My husband scared the crap out of me this morning when he started shrieking from the kitchen.

He had just heard the news on the radio ... Scrabble was dead.

At least in the United Kingdom.

OK, deep breath. A new Scrabble is being released in the U.K. that will allow players to use — gasp! — proper nouns.

The possibilities with the letter "Z" alone are astonishing: Zappa, Zippo, Zimbabwe ...

Any idiot could win this game. Where is the sense of tradition? Whatever happened to valuing a challenge? What will happen now that any airhead can beat a nerd at Scrabble?

I feel violated. Over in Florida, all my Scrabbleholic in-laws feel violated.

Now is a time to comfort each other. To tell ourselves that it is just the Brits who will suffer this outrage. That this abomination will be kept over the Atlantic Ocean where it belongs ... we hope.


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