War is king




Old what's his name, Dwight Eisenhower, wasn't kidding when he warned of the military industrial complex. He'd be spinning in his grave at the Eisenhower Center in Abilene, Kan., if he knew that 25 cents of every federal tax dollar collected now goes to the military.

Or so says the National Priorities Project.

Meantime, education gets a measly 2 cents on the dollar and the environment gets 2.5 cents. Transportation? You don't wanna know. This country spends nearly three times as much on veterans benefits as it does on transportation.

Who pays for all this? Individuals pay 34 percent, while corporations pay only 5 percent. Big surprise. Most, though, will be paid by those who come after us, because 57 percent comes from borrowing.

Anyway, with the big bad deadline to pay taxes looming, now you know where your hard-earned cash goes and doesn't go.

Military, good. Education, bad. Interest on debt, a winner. Food, a loser.

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