Kimball's: Fools' duel



About 10 hours after we went to press yesterday, Kimball Bayles issued a release regarding future plans for his Peak Three theater complex downtown.

This morning, it's clear that the two reports conflict. Naturally, we stand behind our story.

As Douglas Adams assured, the answer is 42.
  • As Douglas Adams assured, the answer is 42.

But, in the spirit of open dialogue, we feel our readers should get a chance to see what the theater owner is saying as of this morning. And let's face it: Either way, downtown should brace for some big changes.

Hello Kimball’s Fans,

After the recent shut down of a popular downtown nightclub, Kimball’s has decided to fill the void left behind and become a hip-hop nightclub; “Kimball’s Peak Three Theater” will now become “Kimball’s 13 Sins.” Yes, that’s right!!! We’ve decided that downtown is not really an arts/film scene, but rather a nightclub and bar on every corner kind of domain. Why a nightclub? With the constant increases in parking fees during the day, this is the only kind of business that can survive in downtown Colorado Springs.

What will happen to the theater? We will be knocking out the wall, screen, and projection booth that divide Auditorium 1 & 2 and converting it into a large venue and dance floor. Kimball’s will now feature the hottest urban hip-hop in Southern Colorado. Auditorium 3 will become our VIP lounge with the finest white leather couches and vast liquor selection for bottle service.

We’re very excited about these big changes and look forward to seeing you all at the new Kimball’s 13 Sins.



P.S. — April Fool!!!

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