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Im baaaack.
  • "I'm baaaack."

I spoke to Pita Pit owner Chris Murphy earlier today, who confirms the authenticity of a craigslist post advertising jobs at two reopening Pita Pit locations: 8 E. Bijou St. (634-1748) and 773 W. Garden of the Gods Road (227-7482).

According to Murphy, the downtown location will open tomorrow, April 1, and the Garden of the Gods outfit will open sometime next week, most likely by Friday.

Here's a quick story in his words about the recent closure and reopening:

My wife Jill and I are the original owners who opened these restaurants 7 years ago. We sold them two years ago but as you can see, the new owner didn't do so well. Jill and I decided that we couldn't allow The Pita Pit to die, so through an agreement with the Franchise we are opening them back up and bringing them back to their former glory. I think the best news from all of this is that we are putting about 20 people back to work.

Murphy says he and Jill originally sold because she was virtually running them alone after he joined the military (the year after Pita Pit first opened) and served for five years. But now he says he feels a loyalty to former customers and employees, as well as the franchise (which extended him and his wife, only 23 and 24 at the time, loans and faith) to restore the former glory of Pita Pit.

"The stores are like children to us," he says.

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