Race for Divide mayorship getting tight



  • Walter

  • Spright

Yes, it's true, and with a few days left before the grand tally, it's still anybody's game. The question remains: will Divide go republicat or dogocrat?

That's right, for those not in the know, this election determines an animal figurehead to guide the Teller County hamlet. It's all part of a fundraising effort devised by the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter.

And so, with a slim margin of 75 votes, the leader is Walter, the orange tabby. A close second and third, dogocrat leaders Spright and Diesel.

Here's the thrilling wrap-up:

For weeks Spright has held a comfortable lead in the campaign for the Mayor of Divide, with Walter a distant second and Diesel coming in third, just behind Walter. Three weeks ago Diesel slid past Walter to regain his former position of second place. Upon hearing the news, Walter supporters sprang into action casting over 300 votes for their boy in a single week. This had Spright supporters concerned as it brought Walter to within just 200 votes of what had been a long standing lead for Spright. Encouraged by their success, Walter supporters forged ahead casting an unprecedented 696 votes last week placing their favorite feline in first place by a margin of 75 votes.

  • Diesel

Votes are counted online at tcrascolorado.com and polls will remain open through midnight April 6. Each vote costs $1 and benefits the TCRAS, of Divide.

The inauguration party will take place on April 11 at noon at the shelter, located on 308 Weatherville Road. All people and leashed pets are welcome to the celebration, which will feature the other candidates and a barbecue cookout. How's that for bipartisanship?


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