Personhood measure makes ballot



Though it briefly appeared that Coloradans would be spared from a second round in the fight over when human life begins, proponents of the so-called "personhood" amendment met their signature requirement in overtime.


Backers of the measure came up close to 16,000 signatures short at their first deadline in February, but they more than doubled that amount during the cure period that ended March 18. (Check out the secretary of state's news release here.)

A similar measure lost 73-27 in 2008. This time, instead of the term "person" applying from the time an egg is fertilized, it has been reworded to apply the term at the beginning of "biological development." (Here's the full text of the measure.)

Opponents are gearing up for another fight. The following is from a blast email from the group ProgressNow Colorado:

Sad to say, but it's official. Amendment 62, the so-called "Personhood Amendment", will be on the November ballot in Colorado. Again.

This may sound crazy, because it did to us when we first learned about it. But this amendment would actually change Colorado's constitution to deny women access to things like birth control, in-vitro fertilization, as well as banning all abortions without exception.

The Denver PostĀ opposed Amendment 48, the 'prequel' back in 2008, saying it would create "an absurd and unworkable maze" by pushing the definition of "personhood" to fertilization. (6/2/08)

Hopefully most Coloradan's will see that Amendment 62 is just plain nuts. But we also know how confusing ballot issues can be. So let's all do what we can to defeat 62.

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