Zoo still searching for missing otter



The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has lost one of its North American river otters. Kitchi and three other otters broke out of their enclosure last Thursday, and while the other three were recovered safely, Kitchi remains AWOL.

Kitchi is about 4 feet long with brown fur and a white muzzle.
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • Kitchi is about 4 feet long with brown fur and a white muzzle.

The zoo has set up an otter hotline at 648-7348 for community members to call if they spot Kitchi or signs of an otter's presence, such as tracks or fish remains. The zoo asks that you do not approach the animal, but take note of where and when you saw it and what direction it was heading. Photos and videos help.

Broadmoor-area residents are asked to check their pools and ponds for otter activity, with this reassuring note from the zoo:

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo wants to assure the community that their pets and family members are safe if they do not provoke or corner the animal, but koi or other ornamental fish in decorative ponds are at risk. North American river otters are indigenous to Colorado, so the current spring weather in the area should be of no concern to the 25-pound aquatic mammal.

For full details, visit the zoo's Facebook post here.

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