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City Councilors Sean Paige and Tom Gallagher took a recent dunk to support the centers.
  • City Councilors Sean Paige and Tom Gallagher took a recent dunk to support the centers.
City Councilors Sean Paige and Tom Gallagher took a recent dunk to support the centers.
While the plans for the Woodmen Valley Chapel-based A.C.T.S. program to take over running the Westside Community Center has its detractors, the plan also has very vocal supporters.

Today, the Organization of Westside Neighbors sent out a press release reiterating its support for the plan — pointing out that the A.C.T.S. plan was thorough and would bring the center long-term stability.

Here's what they had to say:


At the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) February 2010 board meeting, OWN members were briefed on a proposal to keep the Westside Community Center open and maintain the facility as a neighborhood community center. According to the organization, the proposal and evidence presented to the group, was the most viable solution evaluated to date. Many entities have been requesting private donations in addition to making requests to City Council members that they to pull money from city reserves. While these efforts are well intentioned, they do not address the issue of long-range sustainability.

The proposal presented to OWN for review demonstrated sound fiscal management, a long-range strategic plan, past achievements, and an outreach program for the neighborhood to become involved in the future of the center. The briefing lasted approximately an hour with an extensive question and answer period. The financial detail was extensive and options were presented that included how to run the center at costs lower than the financials which were cited in the City RFP. OWN was asked to keep the details in confidence until after the city had made its decision due to the competitive proposal process. The details will be released once the city has reached its final decision.

The heart of the proposal stressed maintaining the current West Center programs with a view toward expanding family and neighborhood-friendly programs in the future. OWN was asked to become involved and to become an active player in this effort (if accepted by the city). Grant writing and a long-term fund generator, will come into play as OWN and potential partners including 501c(3) organizations are involved.

"Because of the professionalism, attention to financial detail, the sound long-range plan, and the desire to reach out to the neighborhood, the OWN Board has submitted a letter to the City of Colorado Springs endorsing this option", said Welling Clark, President of Organization of Westside Neighbors. "It is our hope that this option is approved by the City of Colorado Springs it may offer some relief for other city-owned community centers and will help to guarantee that the Westside Community Center can continue to operate and be independent of the City's finance issues".

Organization of Westside Neighbors
"Representing Westside Neighbors since 1978"
PO Box 6651
Colorado Springs, CO 80934
www.westsideneighbors.org info@westsideneighbors.org


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