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I wrote a couple days ago about those billboards and signs that recently appeared around town with somewhat puzzling messages: "CHURCH EQUALS,” “CELEBRATE,” “CREATE,” and “FREEDOM FROM”

Initially, visitors to any of the Web sites were greeted with mysterious visions of dystopia, along with a spot to enter their email addresses. On Tuesday, Citizens Project took credit for the signs, which aim to call attention to the nonprofit group's work supporting equal rights.

Before taking credit for the campaign, Citizen's Project apparently received an assortment of email addresses. Barb Van Hoy, the group's executive director, says many included expletives, with most of the hostility coming from people who seemed to think the signs were promoting a bit of Constitutional revision.

Here are a few, apparently made-up, email addresses that Barb shared. It might be interesting to plot them graphically, maybe putting the writer's apparent world view on the x-axis, and ironic sense on the y.


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