Dirty rat loves a tickle fight



Groping your rat: All in good fun.
  • Groping your rat: All in good fun.
This just in from msnbc.com: Former U.S. Rep. Eric Massa isn't the only New Yorker that loves a tickle fight. Apparently — and this is almost too good to be true — rats love tickle fights too.

From msnbc.com:

Rats like to be tickled
When young rats — the rodents that some humans love to hate — are seen running around wrestling with each other, they are actually in what equates to a tickle fight, according to research led by Jaak Panskeep at Washington State University. The rats, it appears, love to be tickled. His work, cited by Balcombe, shows that rats that have been trained to expect a belly tickle will approach a researcher's hand much more quickly than a rat that knows it'll just receive a neck rub.

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