D49-related survey raises an eyebrow



A concerned local e-mailed the Indy after taking a telephone survey about a possible Falcon School District 49 bond issue.

"What I found interesting is that the final question is how often someone attends religious services," he wrote. "How this affects a bond issue is beyond me and if this is legal I would be way surprised."

Apparently, there is an explanation. D49 Board of Education member Tammy Harold explains that the survey is not being paid for or conducted by the district.

"It's not taxpayers' money being used," she says, "and that's the biggest point I want to get out there."

Apparently, the company Stifel Nicolaus is doing the survey because it's interested in issuing a bond for D49.

"Since we aren't paying for the survey we don't have a say in what they ask," Harold explains.

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