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Fans of both fine art prints and last year's surprisingly hilarious film The Hangover will be excited to learn that a very limited number (100 regular and 25 variant) of collector's posters will be released by PNE sometime this week.


PNE, or Post Neo Explosionism, is the arts collaboration between rock poster artists Emek, Justin Hampton and Manitou Springs-based member Jermaine Rogers. (For an early 2007 Indy feature on Rogers, click here.)

Here's the back story behind the set according to a PNE release:

A short while ago Justin Hampton of PNE was contacted by movie director Todd Phillips. He explained that he wanted to do something special for the cast and crew of his movie 'The Hangover,' as it had become the highest grossing comedy of all time. A great rapport developed and Phillips commissioned PNE for a special project. Todd asked Hampton to oversee the art direction of his vision with PNE. He wanted Justin, Emek and Jermaine to create a set of commemorative rock-art style prints that embraced the no-holds-barred and reckless abandon of his hit film. "Make the posters...just wrong" he said. With this inspiration, the trifecta set out to do just that. After months in development the project is now finished and the set of 3 prints is complete, each showcasing a different slant on the film.

So — a lucky 125 people will join the Hangover cast as the sole owners of these rare comedic prints — hop on PNE's mailing list for a better chance of nabbing a poster once the release time and date are announced.

Print credits: Emek, above; Justin Hampton, below left; Jermaine Rogers, below right.


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