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Just got an e-mail from Organizing for America telling me to support Michael Bennet at tomorrow's caucuses and giving me a link to find out where my caucus meets.

Who says caucuses need to be dull?
  • Who says caucuses need to be dull?

So I entered my address and got this message: "We were unable to find your caucus location based on the information you provided. Information about your March 16 caucus location is not yet available. Please check back in another 48 hours for additional updates."

48 hours? Caucuses start in only 28 hours.

The Organizing for America site seems to work for some addresses, but a safer bet might be to go to the source. You can check your registration information and get your precinct number at the secretary of state's Web site. Click on "verify/update my voter registration."

The local parties then list caucus locations by precinct number at their Web sites, or

The "Rock out with your caucus out" logo, by the way, is borrowed from the local Dems as a reminder that things could get a little wild.

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