Do the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey!




Your lives are about to change forever, my friends, for such is the power of the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey.

For those who may not know, this spunky viral godsend was first made manifest by MorningStar, a South Carolina-based healing ministry that is not affiliated with the Morningstar line of fine sausage products. The ministry's Web site also features videos entitled "Tumor Desolved" and "Tim - Healed Of Life - Long Neck Pain."

The Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey was first revealed to me by the Springs’ own Kevin Beck, who posts about music, Jesus and stuff on his Transmillenial blog. He, in turn, contracted it from Matthew Paul Turner (good Christian name, that), who curates the Jesus Needs New PR site. While I’m now eternally indebted to each of these gentlemen, I must confess to being at a loss as to why they choose to look askance at miracles so clearly begat.

Fear not, though. For while Kevin and Matthew may still be skeptics, just by spreading this video, they too are now vessels of the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey. So pull the string, click the arrow, and release your glory!

More fun with white people here:

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