Dems advertise some hot caucus action



Careful readers who visit the Pikes Peak Democratic Party's Web site and see the logo to the right might get the impression that upcoming events are not family-friendly.

No matter which way your caucus leans, its probably best to stay clothed
  • No matter which way your caucus leans, it's probably best to stay clothed.

Rock out with your caucus out?

"That's funny," says Christy Le Lait, the local party's new executive director, after reading the slogan out loud for the first time. She's not sure how or when it was added to the site, passing credit — or blame — for the slogan to authors outside the local party: "That's a national logo."

It's hard to pinpoint the origin of the phrase. New Era Colorado apparently used it to stir excitement for the 2008 caucuses.

Britany Anas at the Colorado Daily writes about a "Rock out with your caucus out" event the group held this January at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Who knew registering for a political party could feel so . . . dirty?

New Era Colorado — an edgy civic group — on Tuesday registered young voters at the University of Colorado and had fun tossing around the word "caucus." Voters needed to be affiliated with a political party by the end of the day to be able to participate in the 2010 March caucus.

The title of New Era's event is sure to make even Monica Lewinsky blush — "Rock out with your Caucus Out."

The dirty birds — who aim to create a buzz among young voters to get them civically engaged — passed out T-shirts, buttons and stickers with slogans such as "I like the Caucus" and "My caucus leans to the left," or "My caucus leans to the right."

But even with left and right-leaning caucuses, Colorado residents seem to be relative prudes when it comes to these events. Iowans seem to take great pride in the fact that their caucuses are held first each presidential election year — check out this piece at

There’s a lot of talk here about how seriously Iowans take their caucuses. But that doesn’t include everyone. Hence the T-shirts that say, “Iowa: Our Caucus Is Bigger, Better, And Comes Before New Hampshire.”

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