Whiskey Barrel Espresso?



Imagine ... your favorite espresso slowly turned in a Colorado Whiskey barrel. Every turn adds flavor and aroma to the espresso to create companions of brilliant essence and vibrant flavors.

This was the description sent to us from Colorado Coffee Merchants late yesterday, letting coffee aficionados know about today's release of this unique new product.

Owner Eric Umenhofer noticed beer brewers using used whiskey and wine barrels to extract extra flavors for their beers, and says he got the idea to experiment with coffee. He approached folks at Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey and procured a test barrel, into which he loaded 30 pounds of his whole, roasted espresso beans.

Spin your coffee beans in one of these for some extra character
  • Spin your coffee beans in one of these for some extra character.

Once removed, ground and brewed, what's the result?

"It's remarkable," he says. "You get this airy whiskey feel on the back of your palate, like when you take a drink of potent liquor. It's got an amazing aroma, a little caramel."

As far as Umenhofer knows, he and his outfit are the first roasters to employ whiskey barrels in coffee making — pretty exciting.

This first batch is selling for $22.50 per pound. Call 473-8878 for more.

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