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Unfortunate news for the local artisan bread scene (yes, we actually have one): Shawn's Bakery will be closed until at least mid June.

That's on account that bread wizard and proprietor Shawn Saunders, who you've probably sampled from at one of the local farmers markets over the years, is currently finishing time in El Paso County's Criminal Justice Center. His temporary incarceration is linked to a prior DUI-related incident according to a public relations officer from the Sheriff's office.

[Disclaimer: I worked with Shawn for a brief period when he was baking at 32 Bleu, and he's kept in touch with us with business news over the past few years.]

If you check out this story the Indy did on the outfit back in 2006, you'll understand why there's no Shawn's Bakery without the man himself.

Many of the best restaurants in town source bread products from Saunders, which speaks to the quality of his craft.

Here's hoping that this infraction doesn't exact a permanent toll on his business and that we see his products back on the market come summer. (And that he sticks to baker's instead of brewer's yeast ...)

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