Parks will get watered after all



If you were dreading a summer of dead grass in city parks, take heart. Colorado Springs Utilities will present a pilot proposal Wednesday to the Utility Board that calls for a discounted rate for city park irrigation as well as large users of potable water.

The city had earlier abandoned hopes of keeping the parks green because of a budget crunch caused by the recession and soaring employee pension costs.

But now, that could change.

"We will propose a pilot program whereby if large irrigators have conservation programs in place, there would be a discounted rate," Utilities spokesman Dave Grossman says. This includes the city, he says.

Several members of the Utility Board, comprised of City Council members, asked a discount rate be devised, he says.

Here's the memo, but the program's details will be unveiled tomorrow. The Utility Board meets on the 5th floor of the Plaza of the Rockies Building's south tower at 1 p.m.


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