Hair-band icons coming to Cowboys



Winger shirts on parade: See if you can spot the actual band member!
  • Winger shirts on parade: See if you can spot the actual band member!



In yet another sign of the apocalypse, Winger has been booked to play Cowboys on June 24. Survivors from the Golden Age of Hair Bands, the guys don’t have a whole lot to do with country music — nothing, in fact — and neither does opening warhorse April Wine. But that’s what makes this such a beautiful, you know, we-are-the-world-kinda-thing.

Winger was so famous, in fact, that a Metallica video featured Lars Ulrich throwing a dart at a Winger poster, and MTV cartoon characters Beavis and Butthead repeatedly derided the band’s rawk credentials.

In fact, creator Mike Judge says Rob Zombie told him of a men’s room encounter with Kip Winger in which he broke down in tears, claiming the Beavis and Butthead attacks destroyed his career.

The Kipper denies such rumors, however. On the Hard Rock Nights radio show, he recently described the cartoon duo’s derision as “pretty juvenile, really,” but added that “it turned out to get my name out there in some odd, ironic way.”

And so now, in the spirit of irony and oddity — as well as a commemoration of MTV’s long-overdue dropping of “Music Television” from its name — we offer you the following bits of nostalgia. First up is a short clip of Beavis singing Winger’s “Seventeen" (in a men's room, of course). Then it’s Winger’s own version, which has us wishing MTV had stopped playing music much, much earlier.

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