Update on animals collected from Texas raid



A few blue-tongued skinks.
  • Colorado Reptile Humane Society
  • A few blue-tongued skinks.

As we reported in an earlier blog, over 26,000 animals were seized from an exotic pet supplier in Texas last December due to overcrowding and neglect.

Members of the Colorado Reptile Humane Society, a Longmont reptile rescue, were on hand to help review the treatment of the animals prior to the raid and also to sort the living and dead animals after the seizure. Now, the center is caring for 61 of the reptiles, including blue-tongued skinks and uromastyx lizards. The animals are up for adoption.

The raid of U.S. Global Exotics was the largest animal seizure in U.S. history. The owners were found guilty of animal cruelty in a civil case, with possible felony charges to follow. Custody of the animals has now been transferred to numerous animal rescue groups.

For more on the CoRHS, visit corhs.org.

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