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I'm walking into the Main Media Center this morning, not sure what will be next on the agenda. But there's a small crowd surrounding somebody in the MMC lobby, so I walk up to see who it is.

It's none other than Peter Forsberg, the former Colorado Avalanche hockey superstar, who also led his native Sweden to Olympic gold medals in 1994 and 2006. Forsberg, who has been battling a foot injury this season in Sweden (that should sound familiar to Colorado fans), has been labeled as questionable for participation in the Vancouver Games.

You can take Forsberg out of Sweden, but you cant take the Swedish out of Forsberg.
  • You can take Forsberg out of Sweden, but you can't take the Swedish out of Forsberg.

But media reports Thursday night said Forsberg "might be" en route to Canada, and in fact the seven-time National Hockey League All-Star is looking healthy and relaxed as he talks informally to a group of media here.

There's just one problem: Everyone in this audience happens to be from Sweden, and all of them — including Forsberg — are speaking nothing but Swedish. So I try to interject with a question in English, and it's obvious nobody is interested in being bilingual for this conversation.

So all I can report is that Forsberg is here, he's apparently playing in the Olympics, and he looks almost exactly the same at 36 as he did at 26.


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