MacKenzie's: As fresh as it gets



Some kitchens go on autopilot once the chef has designed the season's menu. (That is, if it even changes that regularly.)

Then, there are creative kitchens that change things up all the time, and aspire to truly special specials.

One such kitchen is located not far from the Indy's office, and it's headed by Pete Moreno, one-time chef at local gourmet outfits like the Blue Star, Primitivo and La Petite Maison.

I'm of course talking about MacKenzie's Chop House, which kindly sends us its weekly fresh sheet each week (duh) without fail. Aside from the regular menu, Moreno and crew assemble a trio of "fresh" appetizer options and about a half dozen entrées.

Here's a sample of what to expect over Valentine's Day weekend:



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