Excitement fills Vancouver, but not for Vonn



Lindsey Vonn talks about her injury at a press conference in Vancouver
  • Lindsey Vonn talks about her injury at a press conference in Vancouver
If you want to become the center of attention wherever you go in Vancouver, all you need is an Olympic credential around your neck.

That fact became obvious soon after my day-long journey to British Columbia ended Wednesday night at the Main Media Centre for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Whether it was purchasing a Canadian cell phone (virtually required for Olympic visitors) or sitting alone in a restaurant after wading through the credentialing process, having that Olympic credential guarantees conversations wherever you go.

No problem there, because it was easy to find out that locals here truly are pumped, and they want everyone from other countries to have a great time over the next two-plus weeks.

But the big news here Wednesday was U.S. skier and multi-medal contender Lindsey Vonn of Vail revealing that she has a nasty leg bruise on her right shin, and it's threatening her hopes for a record-breaking Olympics. Vonn says that she hasn't been able to put on a ski boot since suffering the injury last week in Austria,

"and when I tried to put on a boot in my hotel room here, it was excruciatingly painful."

Most of the ski-centered journalists here, some of whom probably wouldn't know Tom Brady from Brett Favre, are figuring Vonn might focus on the women's downhill and giant slalom events, which require fewer cuts and turns. That's the difference when you're on the ground here. You can listen to Europeans who know their winter sports, even when two of them are saying they're surprised Vonn's injury was so bad because they were there in Austria. Of course, bruises often can turn worse the next day.

Much more to come in the days ahead ... check here frequently, because the new entries might be appearing at any time.

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