Underground giggles



We were contacted last week by a local stand-up comedian named Dan Orley. (I'm pretty certain this is his blog, unless there's another comedian with the same name who recently participated in the Funny Final Four at Denver's Comedy Works.) He says he's emceeing a 90-minute to two-hour show beginning at 8:30 p.m., Thursday at McCabe's Tavern.

Orley says:

There's actually quite a presence of comics here in the Springs and it seems like we're all a little bit underground. There are several comedy shows that go on here monthly that are actually quite good.

So, I'm throwing this question out: Anyone been to any really funny shows at the Rocket Room or Thunder and Buttons II (or Loonee's, since comedy's its shtick) recently?

Not that I doubt Mr. Orley; I'm just wondering if folks are keen to this scene, and have comments on the caliber of our local comedic talent. (Politicians aside.)

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