Cadman goes after the news



As the bickering in the state Legislature continues about how to close a $1 billion budget gap, Sen. Bill Cadman of Colorado Springs has taken his own swing at the problem by proposing to eliminate a sales tax exemption on newspapers.

Republicans have by and large opposed ending other exemptions for their potential impact on business.

The Denver Post's Tim Hoover reports that Cadman cited a Denver Post editorial supportive of lifting some exemptions as he proposed to have newspapers taxed, which would raise around $7.3 million a year in revenue.

Cadman said he wanted to make sure industries were equally “sharing the pain,” and he offered an amendment to remove the sales tax exemption on newspapers.

The amendment was not limited to the Post and would have affected any newspaper.

“Here we are targeting little industries across the state,” Cadman said, when “one significant corporation” gets a tax break worth millions.

Democrats apparently weren't impressed, and ruled the proposed amendment out of order.

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