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In a past life, Valentine's Day for me meant the biggest week of the year. I worked at a romantic restaurant back then, and for the whole week surrounding V-Day the books were packed, 4:30 to 10:30 p.m. It was nothing but a giant marathon, as anyone else in the business will tell you.

After a few years, I hated Valentine's. (Mind you, it was never as bad as Mother's Day). When I quit, the following year's Valentine's came and went like any other random day. It was great, like skipping-school-great.

I'm still riding that wave of relief, and will tell you with pleasure about one option that will keep you away from irritable servers this coming week. Both the Velvet Hills Show Chorus and the America the Beautiful barbershop chorus are offering Singing Valentines between Feb. 12 and 14. They'll show up to serenade your beloved at a place of your choosing, or sing over the phone.

Both local choral groups require reservations for these Valen-grams, and the earlier the better to order one. For more on Velvet Hills (all women), call 632-9130; on ATB (all men), call 442-0864 or visit their Web site,

Valentines Day: Its a state of mind.
  • Valentine's Day: It's a state of mind.

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