Your menu is out to get you



A friend sent me this New York Times article this morning — fair warning, it's more than a month old, but I'd missed reading it — about menu psychology.

Writer Sarah Kershaw discusses restaurant tactics like naming dishes after family members, leaving out dollar signs next to prices (9 instead of $9) and strategically placing pricey items to make other plates appear as a bargain.

  • Dave Plunkert

I'm sure many people haven't picked up on this clever marketing, and while reading the article, I paused several times to think about local outfits' menus.

So I thought I'd throw it out as a general query: Has anyone encountered a local menu that really made them feel manipulated, or managed to hide the true cost really well? And are you the type person easily swayed by something as simple as font size in menu design or charming dish names?

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