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While this should come as a surprise to exactly no one, word is out that the scandal-plagued Cesar Chavez School Network — which has charter schools in Pueblo and Denver, and used to have two in the Springs— is continuing to collapse.

Dennis Feuerstein has announced that he is resigning as board president of the network's two (totally independent, of course) Pueblo charters, The Cesar Chavez Academy and Dolores Huerta Preparatory High. He also apparently will no longer lead the totally separate and not-at-all related board for the Cesar Chavez School Network, and education management organization. That's because the network is dissolving amid underfunding, two investigations from the Colorado Department of Education, and the firing of its top administration including founder Lawrence Hernandez.(see related story here)

Apparently, even the bold tastes of scandal and corruption can grow stale on the tongue after awhile.


Anyway with Feuerstein gone, the boards of both the schools will be led by Donielle Gonzales, who just happens to be vice president of both boards and works for the same company as Feuerstein, American Family Insurance. (Side note: Feuerstein at one point sold insurance policies to the network — whose board he led — to cover the loss of the top administration, which he had a hand in firing.)

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