Trashing city parks



Things are so bad at City Hall that the city can't even afford trash bags and containers in Colorado Springs parks. So they're yanking 400 trash cans from 128 neighborhood parks and from all urban trail corridors within the next two weeks, the city announced Monday.

The city spends $5,700 a year on trash bags, less than the cost of retirement for just one employee. But, since council members decided to whack parks maintenance by $3.8 million this year and cut 27 jobs, there won't be a place for park goers to put trash.

Wonder what people will do with it? Just a guess, but judging by the looks of some places in this town, the parks will become a dumping ground.

From the press release: Citizens are asked to please pack out all trash from neighborhood parks and urban trail corridors. Trash cans will remain in place at sports complexes, community parks, regional parks and special event venues. To adopt a park or trail, visit or call 385-6519 or e-mail

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