Hickentime for Hitler



Bill Ritter's decision not to seek re-election as governor was disheartening to many, but one of the hardest hit, apparently, was a former dictator not thought to be overly concerned about Colorado politics.

In a new viral video making the Internet rounds, Adolf Hitler can be seen plotting the Rocky Mountain portion of his plan for world domination when an underling breaks the news that Ritter is, in fact, out of the race and Hickenlooper is in. "We think calling him 'Hickenritter' will work," suggests one of the the Third Reich strategists, mirroring an actual GOP strategy.

Hitler naturally goes ballistic: "Everybody in the state knows Hick," he roars. "He's the one guy with a haircut worse than mine and still the people all love him."

The video's profile was substantially raised yesterday after it was posted on the Huffington Post, which picked up the story from Eli Stokols, the political reporter for Denver's KDVR.

Stokols contacted Dick Wadhams for comment, but the GOP chair had yet to see the video. Still Dick was quick with the talking points: "We're excited to take Hickenlooper on," he said. "We don't think the race has changed at all."

Hard to say how others may respond to the potentially controversial video, or whether we'll be hearing anything further from its anonymous creator, who made the piece by adding his or her own subtitles to the Hitler biopic Downfall. One viewer has already posted a response saying that he's contacting the GOP and urging Scott McInnis to condemn the clip, but of course that would only increase its popularity.

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