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Want a job delivering an essential service, is more secure than many and pays well?

Check out Colorado Springs Utilities' 12 job postings at The city-owned agency, which provides gas, electric, water and wastewater service, is ready to pay $58,000 to $87,000 for a machine shop supervisor; $64,000 to $96,000 for a transmission system operator, and $122,000 to $182,000 for a financial services general manager.

No telling what the salary range might be for chief energy officer, a top level position being vacated by the retirement of long-time employee Tom Black. No salary is posted for that job.

As of Jan. 5, Utilities had 52 open positions, compared to 47 the year before, Utilities spokesman Dave Grossman says. The reason all of those aren't yet posted is that they need to go through the human resources process, he says.


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