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Note to readers: Driven by the power of alliteration, today marks the first installment of Music Mondays, which will primarily be devoted to blogging about a new album each week (although other things could creep in there too). In most cases, a version of this review — along with a couple others — will run in our next issue. Given the "official" version's fairly restrictive word length, some of these will be longer, containing the more reprehensible parts I wisely left out of the print/online edition. Enjoy if you can. — BF

Ringo Starr
Y Not
Hip-O Records
Buy if you like: The Beatles, Jimmy Buffett
At this stage of the game, people aren’t holding their breath waiting for Ringo Starr to release a great album, which is clearly a good thing. Even with Starr producing himself and getting a little help from his friends Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh and Van Dyke Parks, Y Not comes across as a mostly disposable collection. The lyrics are consistently awful, and the musical borrowings from David Bowie’s “Fame” on the title track fall just short of grand larceny. This becomes all the more unfortunate once you realize that Starr actually can get it right, as he proves on the mid-tempo pop gem “Everyone Wins,” which would have had George Harrison bobbing his head with Beatlemania abandon. It’s small consolation, but then again, Starr is a drummer. Maybe he should find, say, three other guys and put a band together.


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