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At 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 30, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is holding a "double birthday bash" to celebrate gorilla Tumani's third birthday and orangutan Godek's first. The public is invited to the zoo to celebrate, to enjoy some refreshments, and, if interested, to bear presents for Tumani and/or Godek.

You'd be surprised just how easily you could be a birthday hero — apparently, all it takes is cleaning out a closet or cupboard. Titled "Primate Birthday Gift Suggestions," here's a list of ideas compiled by zoo representatives:

Kong toys — extra large black (Ultra)
Any unsalted nuts, with or without shells
T-shirts (clean "recycled" ones are fine)
Cotton bedsheets (natural colors, clean "recycled" ones are fine, elastic cut out)
Whole fruit — pineapples, cantelopes, mangoes, papayas, figs, dates, apricots, peaches, pears
Corn on the cob
Sidewalk chalk
Dixie cups (bathroom unwaxed kind)
Kool-aid (sugar-free, any flavors that aren't red in color)
Any dried fruit
Peanut Butter
Frozen mixed veggies (peas, corn, carrots)
Paper plate holders (the straw kind, no glue or varnish)
Fruit juice (any 100% juice no sugar added or light juice)
Recycled plastic wood (4" x 4", any amounts/lengths would be great)
“Gray stripe” unsalted sunflower seeds

Godek may reject your offer of hair gel.
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • Godek may reject your offer of hair gel.

Not on the list but mentioned in the release: PVC pipes. In case you were wondering about those.

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