GOP enjoying '41-59 majority'



Yes, the Village Voice is a far cry from what it used to be, but you've got to hand it to columnist Roy Edroso for coming up with the best headline so far this year:


Edroso — um, no, that's not him in the picture — is also a musician of some renown. And by "some," I of course mean, "well, maybe just a little." He's fronted such household-name bands as the Shaved Pigs, Lancaster County Prison and the Reverb Motherfuckers.

All of which suggests a sense of humor sufficiently morbid to possibly enjoy the horrors yet to come. (Which, in turn, places him above those who will both enjoy and profit from them.)

So let's all celebrate former porn star Scotty's erection election to the Senate — and bid farewell to whatever's left of health care reform — with a video from the final days of NYC punk club CBGB's, in which Edroso plays alongside Television's Billy Ficca:

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