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As we mentioned last week, various members of Indy staffer Amanda Lundgren's family are in Haiti, helping the relief effort through Double Harvest. The Christian organization seeks to "help the Haitian people help themselves," using 200 acres that include a farm, school, housing projects and a medical/surgical clinic.

Here are snippets of their latest update, sent yesterday by Amanda's cousin, Abe Van Wingerden:

Some progress, but so much to still be done. The day was spent gathering supplies, putting up more temporary shelters, converting portions of the cafeteria into a makeshift post op room by using some donated mattresses, and laying to rest many friends and relatives of the Haitian team. ...

*FUEL - we got 1,500 gallons of fuel delivered (double what we got yesterday) from Partners in Health which will sustain us for a week so we can focus on other needs while also working a longer-term solution. Tons of other options are being worked on fuel, so we hope to have more good news tomorrow, but we need to keep pushing on this one. ...

*MEDICAL STAFFING — We are officially operational. What a great response…..we have over 40 doctors now at Double Harvest after having only 1 doctor a mere three day ago. ... Former U.S. Senator Dr. Bill Frist from Tennessee also visited Double Harvest, and he is helping to get Double Harvest needed exposure.

*FUNDRAISING — First 48 hours of PayPal access on netted over $20,000 in donations and another $70,000 came in today in regular donations and pledges. We are near $300,000 now and working towards a stretch goal of $1,000,000 for the long-term rebuilding of Haiti and expansion of Double Harvest. ...

*DEATH — many of our Haitian volunteers, friends, and workers have lost loved ones. They continue to work hard to support those in need, but many also attended funerals today of those loved ones. The smell of death and sickness in the city is overwhelming and the sorrow is great. Everyday past the earthquake bring the realization of those “missing” are turning into more deaths and that is hard on our Haitian citizens at the mission. The staggering scope came into sharper focus Monday as authorities estimated 200,000 dead and 1.5 million homeless in the quake-ravaged heart of Haiti.

*OBTAINING GOODS- We are buying simple items like propane for cooking and other needs, but the security situation is spotty at best. As our teams cross back and forth into the Dominican Republic for supplies, we need everyones thoughts and prayers.

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