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It was about a year ago that Colorado College alum and artist Eric Saline installed his diaphanous paper enclosure at the college's Coburn Gallery, Someplace to Go: Spatial Compositions by Eric Saline (read about it here). Saline, who teaches in Sweden, shipped all the handmade paper to the U.S. for the project, altered it throughout its gallery run, and then carefully disassembled the entire creation to be sent back to his studio.

Today, Saline sent a series of photos from his newest project, titled "The Tree," located in Tétouan, Morocco. He writes:

I hung 6 paper-screens from an iron-work grill 10m above the floor to loosely represent the form of a tree that occupies the majority of the interior space of the Dar [a traditional Moroccan house]. These 6 screens, made out of my handmade, printed and recycled paper, are meant to compliment the existing architecture, building off of the column of light that descends into the court of the Dar, existing decorations and traditional Moroccan artisan-ship that make up this beautiful space.

"The Tree" is an invitation to spend a few moments looking at my artistic vision of a tree, contemplating its surfaces, exploring the various points of view from the ground level or from the first floor balconies, to discover how the work changes with your movement in the Dar. The exhibition is open from daylight to dusk, during which time the surfaces of "The Tree" change dramatically, depending on the natural light or artificial light-sources.

A look at Salines paper and its details
  • Eric Saline
  • A look at Saline's paper and its details.

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